the new man / de nieuwe man

nov 2010 – d’jonge hond & artez press de dandy is. hij fascineert, hij provoceert, hij activeert, hij reageert, hij beleert, hij negeert, hij bezweert, hij doceert, hij kleineert, en hij blijft fascineren. er is waarschijnlijk geen verzameling individuen te ontdekken waarover zoveel onduidelijkheid bestaat als over de dandy, ondanks herhaalde pogingen dit ruim 200 […]

the dandy as an innovator: the usefulness of paradoxes

feb 2011 – iffti 2011 conference publication is it possible to start a tradition instantly? can you innovate out of heritage? is there something as a timeless, or even an everlasting, contemporary phenomenon? yes, is the answer, and all this shows within one figure: the dandy. ever since george bryan brummel started this instant-tradition, the […]

the myth of the autonomously dressed individual: a postmodern fallacy

may 2011 – artez it is a contradiction in terms: an autonomously dressed human being. after all, we are social animals pur sang. and yet we are expected to dress as individuals, within the frame of the contemporary standards of our culture. being one of the herd we are absolutely incapable of dealing with this […]

the importance of being artist

nov 2011 – venice biennale why is art so important? after all, isn’t it high-cost, low gain, only in order for the (cultural) elite to be entertained? and wasn’t oscar wilde right when he wrote that ‘all art is quite useless’? or is it just, as again wilde put it, ‘the only excuse for making […]

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